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Our Services


We offer two types of accommodation, Student Residences or Home-Stays with a family. Obviously for teams that want to take part in the program, it is more likely that they will be put in a student residence all together, but if you are coming alone and would prefer to live with an Argentine family to really benefit from the Spanish experience then we have the perfect families waiting to meet you.

A Student Residence experience is one full of young vibrant students, who are open and excited to meet new people! You have the choice of your own private room, or a shared room with other local argentine students or native Spanish speakers.

We have two options when it comes to Student Residence. The first building is located in historic and picturesque San Telmo neighbourhood and is about a 15 minute walk from the Spanish school where you will be taking classes or 5 minutes on the Subte Line C. Our second Student Residence is located in Monserrat area of neighbourhood, which is filled with historical buildings and fantastically located for many of the tourist attractions that we have here in Buenos Aires. The building, a lovely ground floor flat is fantastic for letting students relax after a long day playing sports and learning Spanish!

A home-stay is the best option if you wish to advance your Spanish speaking skills and immerse yourself in the culture and life of a Porteño (as those born in Buenos Aires are typically called). Sharing day-to-day life with a local family is ideal for practicing the Spanish you are taught in class. All our host families are carefully selected by the Staff. Our choice of your home-stay is based on your preferences (smoking/non-smoking; couple with children/no children; etc) and your specific requirements (specific diet, no pets, etc.). Not only is the great for your Spanish but it will give you an insight into the Argentine people and culture that you won’t get from a student residence or hostel.


Import things for your sport

We’ll take care of all the contact with your coach or club and we will pass all the important information through to you. We can also for example, accompany you to your first training to make it as simple as possible for you. Besides the contact with the coaches and the clubs, we will fix everything you need. Think about your sport tenue, the fee for playing hockey or other sport in Buenos Aires, a specific shirt for practice games and more. Furthermore, we will give you all the information you need to know. For example, how you can get to the club, what the level of the team is, how you can bring your equipment on the plane and how all the different sport systems work here in Buenos Aires.



We offer you advice about all the things which are sometimes difficult to figure out if you’re not a local. Think about public transportation, things to do on free days, doing groceries, buying a cell phone and internet access, how to get Argentina currency (for a good rate) and more. There is a student coordinator who keeps in touch with you and who is always willing to help you. Also, there is a Whatsapp group with all the active students, where activities and helpful information get discussed.